About us

1. Creat max happiness for children

No matter what the person's color, black, white or yellow; no matter where the person live, the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere. As parents, the love to their kids are same! They hope their children enjoy a happy childhood, they hope their children live happily. And for kids, play is their nature, especially they can't reject the vivid, beautiful & attractive, which bring them much more enjoyment.

2. Ensure passenger safety

There is no doubt safety is the first important for amusement rides, it not only has close relationship for client's park business & reputation, also has a big influence for the manufacturer. Quality & responsibility decide whether a company can last long. Be forever business partner & friends, that is what we are pursuing.

3. Creat more business profit for clients

Business is a win-win relationship, clients are the blood for a factory. Without blood, what a person will be? Without blood, what a company will be? So creat max profit for cilents is waht we are working on.

4. Protect the environment

We have only one homeworld: earth, we should protect it just like to take good care of ourselves. Also save the earth limited sources.